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Simply spray and wipe over surfaces and contact points to give instant cover from bacteria and viruses including coronavirus for up to 10 days cover.

Unlike conventional disinfectants which clean but wear off in minutes leaving the surface open to re-infection, Bacoban’s active layer continues to kill viruses and bacteria even when touched and wiped giving you powerful performance and peace of mind.

Prevent cross contamination in your workplace Employers have a legal duty to ensure the safety of the people who work in their buildings. Can you ensure your building is free of infectious viruses? Corona viruses can last up to 72 hours on surfaces. Bacoban is scientifically proven to leave an active layer on surfaces giving  7-10 days protection from Corona viruses and many other bacteria.

Better value and protection than conventional disinfectants Using Bacoban keeps you covered throughout the cleaning cycle, closing the hygiene gap giving you powerful performance and peace of mind.

Activated when touched Bacoban has been developed for use on all contact points including door handles, light switches, lift buttons, taps, toilet handles, desk, chairs, keyboards, telephones, touch screens, kettles, trolleys, barriers – the list is endless.       

Ideal for use in any environment Offices, warehouses, gyms, schools, shops, in fact, anywhere you need to maintain hygiene for longer periods. 

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