Dahle was established in 1930 and develops durable brand-name products that enjoy immense popularity. Dahle blue is recognised the world-over as the best in paper cutting products and has become synonymous with maximum precision and quality, convenience and safety. From top level security shredders to paper trimmers and pencil sharpeners, no office is complete without Dahle.



Novus is a specialist in innovative office products. Products and system solutions bring convenience and efficiency to the everyday working environment. Since the company was founded in 1949, the Novus brand has been synonymous with technically advanced products developed through “German engineering”. 

Reliability and innovative design are reflected through a wide range of products that have been designed to make office work more economical and easier. Novus also creates professional fastening tools for craftsmen and DIY handymen. 



The unique slow-release disinfectant giving up to 10 days cover. Simple to use for long-lasting protection Simply spray and wipe over surfaces and contact points to give instant cover from bacteria and viruses including Coronaviruses. Unlike conventional disinfectants which clean but wear off in minutes leaving the surface open to re-infection, Bacoban’s active layer continues to kill viruses and bacteria even when touched and wiped giving you powerful performance and peace of mind.



The two-hour sanitizer that works hand-in-hand with you. 

The only long-lasting, alcohol-free hand sanitizer clinically proven to kill Coronaviruses without removing your body’s own natural barrier to infection.


Paris-based ALBA is devoted to creating original products which combine cutting-edge design with ergonomics. Through analyzing trends ALBA's in-house designers create stylish yet practical products which are used throughout the world. Alba leads the market  with its distinctive coat stands, clocks, lamps and coordinating office accessories.



Schneider was established over 70 years ago and is a leading international brand for writing instruments. Ink cartridges, ballpoint pens, highlighters, fountain pens and many other writing tools are developed and produced at its headquarters in the Black Forest, Germany. Schneider has developed specialist inks which glide across the page from its award-winning  environmentally-friendly manufacturing plants.



HAN creates award winning design-led desk and office accessories. Available in over 60 countries, Han’s ranges include pen holders, desk and filing trays, waste paper bins and card index storage. There’s something for every working environment whether for those who prefer minimalist monotone or brightly coloured products designed for young people.



muggi is a unique, innovative and durable drinks tray that enables up to four mugs or glasses to be carried easily and safely in any environment. Recently launched into the Office Product channel muggi is proving to be a real winner in staff rooms throughout the UK.



Vermes BV was founded in 1948 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company has grown rapidly and is now leader in signage products for the hospitality industry, office and retail channels through its Securit brand.

All products are designed and manufactured in-house by Vermes and distributed in over 40 different countries.

The company leads the way in innovation and quality and Vermes’ products are recognized for both modern and classic designs at competitive prices.



EXPONENT has been creating office and PC accessories for over thirty years.
With its main office in north east Italy, Exponent offers innovative solutions to help you organize your work space both at the office and at home.

Specializing in plastic accessories using injection molding technology. Exponent draws on ergonomics to develop and produce cutting-edge office products to tidy, simplify and ease your working life. From monitor stands and cable managers to specialist cleaning products and data storage, Exponent has plenty of great ideas to make work safer, cleaner and more comfortable.

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